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January 04, 2009


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I thought she was not a real woman )) But she is!

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Thomas seemed well-known or well regarded, but I've never heard of him. Anyone out there have a clue? Just curious....thanks.

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Lady Bunny or Lady Gaga ..that is the question

Honda Atlanta

It looks like a great show. Lady Bunny looks like she's a very charismatic and fun "out there" character.

Honda Atlanta

Sounds like it was an amazing show. Lady Bunny looks like quite the personality. Do you know if they will come back in 2011? I would love to watch their show!

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Le bureau du savant est d'encourager, d'élever et de guider les hommes en leur montrant des faits au milieu des apparences.


As I was watching these discs, I was running back and forth to Google and trying to find information on the guests. There is absolutely no trace of the guest Michael Thomas (English Rock Critic) on the web. He simply disappeared. Does anyone know the fate of this writer? He does take himself serioiusly on the program and the way Cavett talks, Thomas seemed well-known or well regarded, but I've never heard of him. Anyone out there have a clue? Just curious....thanks.

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Britney Spears is only another silly singer so ignore her.

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Britney Spears is only another silly singer so ignore her.

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Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.


Hiiii Corey . Greetings from Poland.

Art Is Life, Life Is Art

Ohh Fun!!!! :o)


Hi Corey, i liked a lot your last post, nice picture of your dad!! Let me ask you something. Did you play Traffic?
You still modeling, don't you?

take care

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