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March 24, 2008



The only thing unattractive about Henry is that a lot of people want him, kinda ruins it. Good luck Henry, sure there are plenty of people who will take up your time and distract you from what you are really looking for! All the best from a fan, not a fanatic.


wow, he is one handsome guy, is he straight or gay?? I have feeling its the latter but you can email me the answer lol, itd put my mind at ease wondering lol.x


let him know that a brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro is completely desperate for him.

but i have a doubt, is he gay?
you can send me a email with tthe answer!

thanks a lot!


I never googled a model from a commercial/ad before, but this time I just had to. A simply beautiful face that is memorable and intense. Please let him know that a German girl fell in love :)


Ooh boooy.
he is sooooooooooooooooo sexy!
I looooove he!

Jon Cox

OMFG...HOTT, HOTT & SEXXXY GUY!!!! Great AD as well. :o)


who else would be as hot or as sharp to pull off such a classy add? Henry Cavill is perfection! wondering if we'll get to see him nude again in the Tudors season 2..! let him know he's a gorgeous and greatly skilled actor whenever u see him again.
Paris fan


That's awesome. Do you feel proud?

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