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April 02, 2006


The original Whitney

(Nanny Reed) Whhahhhat??

yo mama

Hey guys looked like you were having too much fun. One of those pics of you is my wallpaper on this puter. You so craaazzzy Ca Ca!

I'm glad you and yo sista partied together. Thats one thing you both learned how to do from me. Set yourself free son!

kiss kiss........Mama


That's funny. Poor Nippy. I hope someone abducts her and takes her to the mountains for a year - before she dies.


Please tell me you Photoshopped that guy's face.


OMG that shit iz FUUUNNY!!! that pic that U did right next to Whitney, I about fell outa my chair laughing so hard.
Thanx for the laughter.
spill :)

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