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April 02, 2006



Hi Corey,

I was just browsing and noticed my old roomate Tim on here. Get ready for me in June?? HEHE.


What COREY SPEARS means to me...
(hehheheh...i have nothing to do, that's why...)

C - cool guy in the making
O - okey the first meeting
R - rockin' the whole saturday evening
E - extra ordinary there and @ here...
Y - your presence is a night to remember

S - sophisticated, funny and sociable
P - perfect partner on every occassion possible
E - excellent site and full of colours...
A - artistic and interesting in all angles
R - romantic yet mysteriously serious and subtle
S - sweet thoughts ...and your smile embraces the totality of them all

...from your new-found acquaintance-friend,


i luv i candy!!!
hot hot hot.....guys!!!
sexy sexy sexy gurlszzzzzzzzzzz!

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