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November 30, 2005



La Cienega Just Smiled....


American life my little darlings
Well done:)


I'm still waiting, Corey. A promise is a promise. How much I love you.

ronnie williams

hey corey, im at my friends house and I miss you sooo much.... nyc isnt the same with out u!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm totally drunk n thinking of you!!!!!!!! come back!!!!! kisses and I love you!!!!!!!!

j i m m y

anyone try calling the phone numbers?


Your friend has a big cock. Send him my way.

Chris Kay

That's what I've been talking about, Corey.

Bryan Menard

I agree...this was interesting.

Photography can be such an excellent form of expression, often underutilized.

Good one, Corey.

Uncle Zoloft

One day we will meet. Have coffee. Talk about things bright and rare ~ like your eyes.

Sal Paradise

One Day
I’m gonna give up writing and just painting
I’m gonna give up painting and just singing
I’m gonna give up singing and just sitting
I’m gonna give up sitting and just breathing
I’m gonna give up breathing and just dying
I’m gonna give up dying and just loving
I’m gonna give up loving and just writing

Jack Hirschman

hi... by sal paradise from rome italy


THIS is visual poetry! Beautiful! It's the totally mundane stuff, car locker thingy, traffic, that make it wonderful.

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