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August 18, 2005


Heather Graham

Some very nice moments Corey, I am impressed =)



I keep coming back hoping that you'll have left a new poem or post..but alas, it's still silent here. I hope that you're alright and everything is ok for you.


Maudlin claptrap. You poetry sucks.


I always love to read your words!!


And here, Corey, are some dirty limericks to get you started on your next poetic work (or possibly just to get you reading your own Blog again):

A lad with a marvelous bend
has no need of a lover or friend.
What he does to himself
would fill up a shelf,
but alas, he has come to his end.

A well-endowed fellow from Ortening
prepared for an evening of sportening
with a boy from a disco
'til he lubed up with Crisco
and discovered, alas, it was shortening!

There was a young fellow named Jim
who liked to get naked and swim
with plastic sex toys
shaped like pubescent boys,
'cause he'd rather be gay than be grim.

When Shakespeare awakes with a scream
and his member a-drippin' with cream,
'tis just the commission
of nocturnal emission,
which he dubs "A Mid-Slumber Night-Stream."

A whore with a face like a hound
complained that his sales were down,
'til a lover named Michael
bought him a bicycle;
Now he peddles it all over town.

These poems have come from my forehead
And the subjects are all fairly torrid --
except for the few
that will make you say, "Pew!" --
and those are the ones that are horrid.



A haiku to get Corey to post more often:

Corey is absent
We miss him so very much!
Please return, poet

Pete Z

Well written Corey. This is by far your best work to date. Who's the new muse? Tell your Grandpa Murray.

John Seger

That is such a bittersweet poem..Very very vivid in description, yet aloof at the same time. That is what makes a great poet! Fabulous!


is that for me??? :)


The best poem yet! Every man (and many women) would fall madly in love with Corey.


Corey, I swear if who ever you wrote that to isn't in love with you....they're a fool. Wish that someone would write something like that for me!

Ah...the perils of being a romantic ;)


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