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August 08, 2005



Lovely photo



.... and peace is all we need.


Greg Jordan

LOL! I didn't leave that comment aboutBilly Bean but hey, whoever did thanks for the sentiment! Sorry about that dream about Creepy. I remember when Lady (lab-I named her after someone who had a recurring role on, of all things, General Hospital) died I broke down in bathroom once and just cried and cried... delayed reaction but it helped. Hope you're feeling better.

your ex husband

is this a poem about a condom?

that matt guy

loves it

Greg Jordan

Thank God I still have my J├ąger, but I feel for your loss. What have you done today to make me feel proud? That post.


Corey, please do a gay porn film with former baseball player Billy Bean. Thanks much.


I love your pictures, and I love your words. Have you thought about a poetry book?


I love the picture but I think I should have been a part of it!

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