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July 10, 2005



Uh-huh, that's my sh!t... I'm SO glad everybody saw that for the tribute it is/was. [Aside to Corey: Please, please tell me you've been watching 'Being Bobby Brown' - it is divine. Enough chit-chat already, let's hook the shiznit up and throw down... any time, any where. Don't care if you're in NYC or NC, I'll fly to YOU, mo-fo, just as long as...]


Yeah, his cheekbones are lovely, but give me your eyes any day. Hey, sexy, dump the smoking! Please note new email address.


Inquiring minds want to know what was IN that cigarette!!! :)


too funny! where was my invite! ;)

j i m m y

so you are tiny?


That was too sweet!

Is there any way to get on that glamourous "dorked" list?! ;-) *crosses fingers*

Chris Kay

Tribute to whom tribute is due. =D

Sounds like you had an awesome New Year's Eve party in the summertime back then. That calls for a repeat!

Didn't know you smoked...

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