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July 18, 2005


Gatto Nero

We (italians) are so often used to make flame like this, but... please, this is not an italian blog, nor a "forum", nor nor nor.
So... just shut up.


Ma dai, River. Leggo il tuo sito e subito si accorge il grande puzzo di polenta (ossia, d'un polentone). Ho detto "fag" nel senso che sei ovviamente ossessionato da cazzi, fisici e artisti in somma piu' grandi e belli di te.

Anyway, a lot of people leech off the success of others, so you're not alone there.


I think Capone has some problems with translating my site.
I'm neither Northern nor a "Fag".

Drop me a line, when you need some enlinghtment. Brain enlightment.


Hey man, interesting site (yours and his). But I have to say, while there are some interesting (and fake) pictures there, the content is really not worth translating. This guy seems like a typical Northern Italian petty fag. Not really a lot going on upstairs, so you're really not missing out on any astounding cerebral insights. But if you have anything in particular you need specifically translated, drop me aline.

Be well.


One of my favorites is "Moscow in Paris" -- But lord knows, my two semesters of high school French aren't helping much.

*sigh* But what a GOOD BLOG!

Gatto Nero

I know, my english is very awful.
So I won't try to translate it... but I can say this: --DELETED--
I was writing something, telling my opinion over that post. A beautiful post, I have to say.
But i think it's better if River will translate himself what he wanted to say...

Chris Kay

Try these websites for website translation (simply enter the address and pick the language combination):

Desidero essere il vostro marito seguente, Corey. =P

Saluti dalla Germania!

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