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June 15, 2005


Liz aka Ereiniel

hey Corey, wherever you are, i think this is your best poem yet (not to mention that picture is amazing). you really ought to try published (and take me with you along for that ride, ha) check out the new diary link on my site if you ever have time. keep up the great work


I just LOVE it when you write about us! :-) Makes me feel so good inside!

Hope all's well with ya babe... haven't talked to you in a while. Keep in touch!


Which is more intense: The love for someone, or the hatred of those times when that person is absent from your life?

J. Garcia (a.k.a. LaWanda Paige)

hawt. VERY hawt. picture and poetry... y'got me all moist.

(p.s. when we gon' hang out, hookah?)


WOW! That was something worth reading! And seeing!


I wish you could hear me snap, or better yet, clap and cheer. Never mind that it isn't what you do for Poetry.It's what I feel like doing.

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