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June 11, 2005


Heather Graham

You're all gay.



Greg Jordan

Agreement: 100%
Writing Quality and Prose: 100%
Intent: 100%
Applicability to most of our worlds: 100% (IF implemented)
Risk factor: Varies depending upon diva factors and net worths
Total value of post: Priceless.


awww heheheh i love you!!!! :)
We're coming to LA in a couple weeks... watch out! i might take you up on that PDA in the streets offer ;)

Flesh von Wintoor

I'm not sure I need to see anyone's PDA and certainly not anyone's PDSex.


Until recently I disagreed with the premise of this post. I held the politically correct view that the way for us to gain acceptance from straight America was to hide in the bushes. To be quietly queer so as to not make them uncomfortsble. My opinion has now changed. I live in a city that is split between two states, both of which have now passed amendments banning same sex marriage. The hateful rhetoric during the debates on this issue convinced me that straight America will never give us the acceptance we seek. We are going to have to take it for ourselves. I now take great pleasure in telling those people uncomfortable being around homosexuals exactly what I am. I take pleasure in their discomfort.
So yes, take it to the streets!!! One question though, what are the three F's? I only know one of them :)


Note the new email address. Will be back to GiacoPucci sooner than later, I hope. Your thoughts above plucked a few chords in my memory. Don't bad mouth the bushes. I've had magnificent times in the Central Park Brambles, the Heath outside of London, Lands End in San Francisco, the Pincio Gardens at the Medici Palace in Rome,the dunes in Death Valley. Out is what it's about (wheee, new slogan), but so are secret encounters in romantic public places. P.

Cody V

You go girl! LOL!

Miss chattin' with ya... we'll have to soon!

Enjoy Pride!


what a great pic to celebrate Pride with!!! I want to go to the Abbey with you!


DEAR ME those are nice legs. And what a nicely filled out basket! :)

Speaking of being fulfilled, that would fulfill me any day.

I have a very fulfilling labor union job that helps me change lives every single day. My new friend Sam, the labor attorney, is no longer bitter and despairing, but finds satisfaction and pleasure in helping organizers (who in turn help oppressed people empower themselves in the workplace). My new friend Chris, the intern, is not longer lost and drifting but is finding his way by helping people fight to preserve their jobs and do them better than some cut-rate profit-monger. My friend Joey, the Latino politico, is finding that politics isn't meaningless jabber but life-and-death, war-by-other-means that means happiness or death to millions of New Yorkers.

If I weren't doing what I was doing, I'd slit my wrists.

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