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May 16, 2005


Greg Jordan

LOL I got it the first time. I think it's cool though that you clarified it for others without being all nasty about it. I remember 29, that's when I stopped counting ;-).


its my own site and i even fuck up:) sweat..when i catch it i call it!!!...!mucho me siento!!!

!continua leer por favor!


Well Corey,

If you were to travel up to Plattsburgh I would have shown U a Real good time.



welcome to the downhill slope kiddo!


Woops, here I go again--it's CriticalRN who's so fast. Sorry Chris Kay.


Yeah, Corey, I was so overcome with that beautiful b&w photo, I missed the "then" disclaimer. I finally figured it out, after a too quick response. Aren't we glad that Chris Kay is so fast? Yeah, some of us are kinda slow.

Chris Kay

Apparently. :)


jesus. are people really that slow?

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