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May 26, 2005



Though I have a massive migraine while I attempt at writing a lame paper on a 16th century theologian, I have to laugh at this entry. Laughing is quite painful mind you. But alas I am laughing. I felt the same about this installment of the Star Wars saga. I can't remember how many times I wondered when the heck something interesting would happen. I mean come on, I had better story lines as kid when I played with my action figures. Anyway back to my boring paper.

Heather Graham

I still stand by my review, the 3rd movie could have been better. It's not so much that it was bad, but that it was as "good" as the first 2 prequels. And I use the term "good" loosely.



Greg Jordan

To wit I have to alert all to the Strawberry Field(s) incident. (click link in link) Horrible, especially in light of the advent of Live 8! My point? Bad mass marketing=more dollars wasted. I'ma Star Wars fan too... this is just a bad passing of the times I suppose.


I have to agree....the acting was absolutely horrible. I just could not stop thinking how many 'younglings" were being specially trained by Hayden!!


"Sith" has the "Apollo 13" problem: You know how it's going to turn out, so Lucas has to make you care about the people and their drama.

Only... Lucas spent two movies making me loathe these people. Making me not care one goddamn bit about Anakin's whining, Padme's human doormat-ism, Obi-wan's blandness, Mace Windu's do-nothing suspiciousness, etc. Lucas dug the hole, and now wants Tom Stoppard to help him out of it? Sorry, even Stoppard can't save what died way back in "Jedi."

Otherwise, I thought it was fun for the eyes. And poor Hayden Christensen can still marry me, despite his only good scene being his *ahem* trial by fire.


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I thought the movie was great.I mean hey who didnt see the ending coming b4 the 2 1/2 hours were up? I mean the movie could have been worse? *** Starts coughing** "Dukes of Hazzard*** Coughing Ends (smile)



P.S. Corey, for goodness sake, write your own blogs!


Come on, Heather--don't be so hard on Lucas. It's great entertainment. There must be something more redeeming than "Aaarrggg."

Chris Kay

Hehe. :)

Yeah, it was a bit disappointing. Especially that final struggle between Obi Wan and Anakin/Vader when the latter eventually is just lying there _next_ to a lava stream and his feet slowly catch fire. That was pathetic.

Padme by the way wasn't killed by Anakin when he choked her. I believe she died from giving birth to Luke and Lea, and because of a general unwillingness to live on.

Anyways, good rant.

*waves at Corey*

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