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March 24, 2005



Oh for more real singers like Whitney. Like your web blog, dude. I like writing in prose, just letting writing become a catharsis ... it's nice to see someone writing. Some cute pics in there too ;)


When "The Bodyguard" soundtrack come out, I was still in grad school. That winter, I had a term paper due. I had a Mac, but the university had PCs (crappy old green-letter/black background PCs, too!). In order for me to run my data and incorporate the charts into the paper, I had to use a school PC. It was March 1993, and the university was on spring break.

One of my professors let me use his office during break. I ensconced myself in there. It was freezing cold, and I closed the heavy, heavy curtains of his window to keep the cold out. I worked all day and into the evening. I stopped around 7 p.m., and opened the curtains.

WOW. 13 inches of snow. Whipping winds. No cars. I only lived five blocks from campus, but still... I decided that, rather than head home, I'd crash on the office floor, get up, and work some more. I should just finish rather than struggle back and forth to campus three times over the next three days.

During the next 24 hours, I wrote, researched -- and listened to the radio. There was a small alarm clock radio in there, and it picked up D.C.'s strongest radio station, an FM station that played Top 40 tunes.

Over and over, they played Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard" soundtrack (as well as stuff from Toad the Wet Sprocket).

By the time I left the building, after 72 hours, I knew the words to the entire soundtrack.

When you're in an intense, single-track headspace like that, you get into a rhythm. I got into a rhythm musically, too, with Whitney.

Then she married Bobby Brown, started sweating buckets, and doing coke and tina. Eh. She got out of my rhythm.

J. Garcia (a.k.a. LaWanda Paige)

I'm still holding on to a certain custom box set of CDs for a special someone...


I too was sadened by Whitney's relapse. My "sources" tell me that she re-entered rehab in order to avoid having to re-enter the recording studio. Under her contract, she has to put out another CD by years end or face monetary consequences. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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