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March 08, 2005



Wow...that was so powerful. I didn't have sound when I watched it, which made it all the more intense. I can't wait to see it with sound. What a great post.


Thank you for sharing, Corey. I'd never heard/seen this before. Love Sigur Ros.


Corey: This video comes awfully close to home. How many of us have had an experience like the boy's? Manliness and tenderness cannot be separated. P.

Tallulah Givehead

Awww. That brought tears to mah eyes and nearly broke mah crusty ol' heart!

David Nelson

This little video is exquisite in it's sweetness and innocence and operatic in it's pain and tragedy.


Sad to say things similar to that happen all the time. Maybe not so blatant, but definitely just as emotional.

Chris Kay

It is indeed quite moving. Good video ("Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa") from this Icelandic band.

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