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August 23, 2004



Aren't these images backwards? (Yes, because the writing on your shirt is backwards.)

Still, they are well-done. The "faded Polaroid" appearance works well in evoking a more amateur/"real" look. The images seem to represent more honest emotion (rather than the posed, cynically planned "you must feel this way about my images" of a Tom Bianchi).

Nice work.


I thought I'd add to the mess of gushers, but I can't deny you look sooo much more hot with the short hair. did I see you in a CK underwear add? (K, that was pleading to mere goofy) but like toy soldiers we all fall down.


nice usage of martika's "love...thy will be done." beautiful song...and, i might add, pretty damn good pictures to match. :] just came across the site...very nice.


I LOVE the title: "And I see all of the creation as one perfect complex"
I thought I was the only one who knew the song "Love Thy Will Be Done" by Martika!


Something about your new look makes your eyes way different. A soul emerges, and it's very interesting.


your hott!


oh sweetie, these are the TESTS! Wednesday, the lab'll be done with the finals.

And see? I told you that every pose you made looked amazing!

*(the camera is a modified Holga)


Kudos to M@ for working his usual magic, and for picking a superb subject.


I now like old Russian cameras. ;)

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