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July 14, 2004


John Seger

Hi Corey! This is one of my fave poems you have have written on your website. It's so beatiful. I can see so many different meanings each time I read it. I am glad you share your poems. Just like songs, a poem can really touch a person's heart!


when inside is too small,
and inside is making a room,
can't you show it a bit,
to have all those things you couldn't have,
to kiss all those things you couldn't kiss,
to have pain,
and to start crying,
is what my heart is full of,

you are lucky to have him...

Ann Marie

Corey, Henry Cavill is younger than I am.. but ohh so yummy!! Wow, he looks all adult-ish now.. and such perfect skin... love the poetry... if you care, read my xanga above.. guess what? Backstreet's coming back.. yay! EEE! =Þ

John Dogan

Whoa! Looking for a friend to hold your hand? hahaha

Bill Clinton visits gay night club

Chris Allen

Corey - my goodness - I'll give you one million to move in!

:: yourantihero ::

That is a really great shot.


Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!~

...and the poem's lovely as well.

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