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May 07, 2004


David & Mikel

We just wrote you a personal e-mail letting you know about us two. Happy Birthday!!! Gosh, 29. I remember that. But, 29 now is like 19, I just watched "Entertainment Tonight" last night, and the word on the red carpet is 40 is the new 30, so I for one am happy!!!
MY BIRTHDAY IN MAY 12TH. Taurus all the way.


that is an adorable puppy picture!
Happy BDay!

The Rock

Happy B-day... Hope u had some drinks for me...


Ah, now you will be 29 and holding for the rest of your life. Ha! Corey, have a fantastic birthday! You're surrounded by amazing fun people, so I know you'll have a fab day.


I can't wait to give you your bday present! =)


Happy 29th and many many more. You rock. Glad to know you are from SC...IOP...CHS.


Happpy Birthday Corey!!
Have a very cool day!!

g hawke

Congrats. What are you doing these days? Are you still acting?


Happy Birthday, Corey!!!!
Hope you had a good one!!


Happy Happy Joy Joy to u. I had birthdays removed and now celebrate the yearly anniversary of my 29th birthday. Everyone says it's a sneaky way of demanding diamonds on my gift list. I say "shut up and pass me my drink."

Any advice to pass on to the birthday boy? Hmmmm...Buy lots and lots of turn-around cream, take the cucumber out of the freezer you freak and cut it up; it's for your eyes now, never admit you've heard of any 80's bands, start investing in wigs over $10... you're sophisticated now, and finally burn that cheerleader outfit you've been saving for a special occasion.

Well that's it. Words of wisdom from the overworked, undersexed, extremely depressed that Friends is gone crowd. Pull up a chair and join the group.

HB bud.



Happy Birthday! I trust you had a good birthday! Mine is in two weeks!


Happy birthday, Corey...belated as I am (as is my nature). Many more years of happiness with all you love. :)


Happy Birthday Corey!!!


Happy birthday! =)


Happy birthday guy. Kinda shocked, I thought you were more like my age (23ish).

Enicintas Boy

god damn you look good. thank god they all dont look like yb.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat, drink... and be full and drunk.


Oh good, so when I called you the other day to wish you a happy birthday, it was an early wish, and not belated... Oh yeah. call me back :)
-Happy Birthday!


Youngster .. it's beautiful down here in South Carolina today.

Robert Vaughan

So glad that the earth received such a beautiful poet and creative master on this fine day...celebrate with the millions of Gotham life-lovers, Corey!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy "the day when it all began".


29 in nyc w/people u love. gifts everywhere.


Happy birthday beautiful! I had to be the first to say that.

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